Before we dive into the magic that is SKIN SCHOOL, let’s talk about who this course is really for….

Your acne has been a sore point for a while now and you are sick of the lack of confidence that comes with it. You're ready to stop covering it up and start living that glowing, bare skin, fresh faced life.

  • You've had acne since your teens

    You’ve struggled with acne for quite some time, nothing has really ever worked but you have an underlying suspicion that something else is going on, on the inside. You're ready to take the next step and really get the results you are after, finally.

  • It started in your 20's

    You have a full on work or study load, you’re tired, you’re not eating as well as you would like to and you’re ready to make some real changes to the way you live - all for the sake of your skin.

  • You're over spending $$ on skincare and not getting any results

    Your skin care cabinet is full to the brim (that’s ok, so is mine!), but none if it is really giving you results. You need guidance as to how you can help your skin shine from within so you can feel even better when applying your most recent MECCA purchase.

By the end of SKIN SCHOOL you will have..


A clear understanding of what causes acne internally and how to correctly identify your underlying driver so you can final board the train to glow city


Understand what specific nutrients are needed for the skin, the important roles they play and how to identify if you are deficient


Learn the in’s and out’s of our hormonal system, why ovulating is such an important process and how they can affect our skin.

What will you learn?

You will be given access to one module a week meaning you do not need to commit any more than 15 minutes! I want to protect your time and give you the space to make simple changes each week. This process is about new beginnings, and I don’t want those to be stressed beginnings!

  • 1
  • 2

    Week 1: Acne 101

    • Anatomy of the Skin

    • Acne Culprits

  • 3

    Week 2: Fine Your Underlying Cause

    • Fixing the Gut

    • Nutrients for the skin

    • Hormones

  • 4

    Week 3: Fix Your Acne for Good

    • Food As Medicine


  • 5

    Week 4: Let's Talk Topical

    • Topical Skin Care

    • Putting it All Together

Pricing options

pay once, or take advantage of our monthly payment plan

PLUS you will get these awesome bonuses to really help you glow from within

  • BONUS #1

    Lifetime access to our highly supportive SKIN SCHOOL Facebook Community. A members only area where we share and support each other through our skin journey.

  • BONUS #2

    A personalised supplement prescription from Chloe and access to her go-to practitioner only supplements (valued at over $150)

  • BONUS #3

    Downloadable recaps and worksheets for each lesson. That’s 8 worksheets of juicy information plus homework tasks to get you on track and kicking skin goals.

Ready to get started?

Pay a one off fee of $125 or take advantage of our payment plan of $50 a month for 3 months